Expert automotive location and studio photography

Our history stems from the world of automotive photography and all the various related services and products that came with it. We have been involved with specialist automotive photo-shoots since, and I kid you not, the press photos were released in black and white! Times have changed, almost beyond recognition, but the fundamental principals of good clean car shots remain.

At the heart of all of our automotive photography is good planning, imagination, flexibility and experience. When a shoot is required, we have to deliver great photography that will be distributed to the UK’s relevant press. Our shots may be used in a tiny article about new number plate updates, or multipage spreads in national newspapers about new model releases.

We arrange everything. The manufacturers will give us a make/model that needs photographing, what kind of audience they hope to reach and a back story they want to portray for that vehicle. We then suggest an appropriate location style. Once the client agrees on this, we find a suitable location and secure it for the dates that the vehicles are available for. Sometimes brand new models may only have a handful of actual drivable vehicles, and out of these, they are in big demand across Europe for appearances and launch parties, so dates are tight!

Sometimes shots are just of the vehicles, either static or moving, but sometimes they require one or more models to help set the scene and tell a story. When models are required, we sometimes then have to arrange props as well , such as bikes or kayaks, suitcases or even dogs!

We work with several of the UK’s best automotive specialist photographers who help us produce the correct style of photos with the least amount of fuss. Their precise skills and experience, together with our planning and direction, means we get great results time and time again.

It doesn’t end at the photo-shoot either! All images will undergo post production work back at Blueprint, this gives the images a final ‘polish’. Sometimes we shoot in the most iconic locations, but there might be a bin, or yellow lines that need removing. Sometimes the car is so new that we need to change the wheel style, as the UK model may be released with different wheels to the ones it has been issued with for the shoot. Other times we may have to tone down reflections that are inevitable in a dark coloured vehicle, which we sometimes have to work with, as it is the only available car on the planet!

Finally when all the post production Photoshop work has been completed, we manage all the images in a digital photo library. If there is a new model release, we usually put together a selection of static, moving and detail shots, which are then distributed to the press via a specialist fulfilment company. As an ongoing service all images are archived and available to be called upon as and when they are needed.